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The more demanding the daily routine and the stress, the greater is the need for a more complete diet. Melichrysos… for every …Athlete and Employee:

  • It offers better energy efficiency in the long run and, consequently, longer duration at maximum performance.
  • It works as a “shield” for the body against viruses.
  • It is a product rich in antioxidants helping to fight oxidative stress from intense exercise or stress.
  • It is also a product rich in good fats and protein, helping fast recovery of muscles, skeleton and organs.
  • It provides faster replenishment and storage of glycogen in skeletal muscle after exercise, due to the ratio of complex carbohydrates and proteins.

Serving suggestion:

1 cup milk
with 3 tablespoons of oat
½ banana or 1 apple
small amount of cinnamon
and 1 tablespoon “Melichrysos for every Athlete & Employee”
(400 calories)

After training:
1 slice of toast bread
with 1 tablespoon “Melichrysos for every Athlete & Employee”
and 1 banana
(200 calories)