Family Business

The idea is simple but great:
Greek traditional diet is rich in “superfoods”, so what would happen if we combined the most valuable of them with the least possible processing? That’ s how Melichrysos products were born. With mixtures, which include the unique and famous bee products (honey, royal jelly, pollen) along with fruits (almonds, sesame, locust bean) and dried fruits, such as raisins.

Carefully combining these valuable nourishments, we managed to enrich their properties, creating for you products richer in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements). In this way we achieve the consumption of a portion of product with lower caloric load, as well as faster and easier intake of a vast amount of nutrients. “Melichrysos” products are the healthy Greek answer to the needs of modern society of speed, stress, and long working hours. An answer which encloses knowledge and love.

Inspired by the gold of Lemnos
Melichrysos’ name comes from our grandfather Chrysostomo, who, following his father’s footsteps, was trained in the art of beekeeping. He taught us to love Lemnos and its honey, producing products with respect and admiration for tradition, as well as with devotion to the timeless diamonds of the Greek diet.