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Melichrysos … for our Children is a product that you will love for so many good reasons:

  • • It is an excellent health alternative to the various fat-based chocolate or cocoa spreads
  • • It is a fun way to enrich our children’s diet with vitamins and minerals. This is important for children who are not receptive to a wide variety of foods
  • • Children tend to stay full longer and their need for more meals or snacks, decreases. This could prevent or even fight obesity
  • • It contains a small amount of natural sugars and helps in better oral hygiene.
  • • It offers increased acumen and memory, improving school performance
  • • It offers energy of fast and slow release, for better performance in sports.

Serving suggestion:

At school, as a healthy snack:
2 slices of toast
with 2 tablespoons “Melichrysos for our Children”
(280 calories)

Afternoon snack:
Smoothie with 2 fruits
1 tablespoon “Melichrysos for our Children”
½ cup of milk or yogurt
and crushed ice
(300 calories)