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Melichrysos …for the Family is the product that people of all ages will love.

  • It is a great choice for breakfast, combined with bread and / or milk. Carbohydrate complexes provide immediate stimulation and energy, protein offers saturation and good fat provides duration in the energy supply.
  • It replaces in the most natural and enjoyable way multivitamin supplements and meets the high requirements for vitamins and trace elements, due to the demanding lifestyle and daily stress.
  • It is a tasty alternative to periods of fasting, when the prohibition of many food groups results in low intake of essential elements, such as protein, iron, etc.

For the whole family, adults and children over 3 years.

Serving suggestion:

2 tablespoons “Melichrysos for the Family”
with 2 wholemeal toasts
and 1 cup of milk or juice
(290 calories)

For dinner:
1 yogurt 2%
with 1 tablespoon “Melichrysos for the Family”
and 3 nuts
(300 calories)