Our Lemnos

Lemnos was greatly loved by Homer, who believed that the island is «Οἱ γαιάων πολὺ φιλτάτη ἐστὶν ἁπασέων» a fortified and well-built city. For us and for all the locals, Lemnos is “ἡ γαῖα” of our heart.

Ethalia (from the soot of its volcano), Anemoessa (from the strong winds that blow in the area), Ambeloessa (from its extensive vineyards), are just a couple names which describe some of its beauties.

Each season brings a variety of images and colors, such as the gold of the sun-baked grains of summer or the colorful fields of spring or the white of Aliki lake (the largest natural salt flat in Greece), Lemnos seems to change many faces.

With great archaeological sites and impressive dunes, with picturesque villages and stone-built yards, with clear blue waters and countless beaches, but above all with a hospitable and mysterious ” Γαῖα ” that promises unique experiences to its visitors.

Lemnos’ volcanic soil and sea breeze add a special flavour to the top raw materials that are produced on the island, such as thyme honey, cereals, herbs, grapes and milk, from which are created unique local products, most of them still made traditionally. Moreover, famous are rusks, flour and “flomaria” (local noodles), “melichloro” cheese variety, “kaskavali”, “kalathaki”, white and red wine, as well as some traditional sweets, such as “venizelika” (treats with white coating of sweet vanilla and chocolate-almond filling) and “samsades” (syrupy dessert with leaf and sesame).