Participation in the global Great Taste Awards competition

The Melichrysos family participated for the first time in the Great Taste Awards – a global competition held every year in London, which is also known as the “Food and Beverage Oscars”.

More specifically for Melichrysos the product “For the family” – almond praline with Lemnos Honey, Wholegrain Tahini, raisins and bee pollen was awarded two stars and received very flattering comments. The concept of the spread fascinated the judges and they enjoyed the colour, the texture and the balanced and natural taste of the product.

In addition, Melichrysos “For our children” – almond praline with Lemnos Honey, tahini and carob was awarded one star. In particular, the judges found it exciting as it combined highly unusual flavours.

The goal of the Melichrysos team is to continuously improve and gain recognition with small and steady steps. Your honest review counts just as much for us whenever you try them out and we look forward to your feedback.
Thank you.
Congratulations to all the producers.