The “Melichrysos” products arrived in England

The reputation of “Melichrysos” products reached London. After all, it was impossible for the traditional Greek diet rich in “superfoods”, combinations that include the fine and famous products of the bee (honey, royal jelly, bee pollen), as well as nuts (almonds, sesame, carob) and dried fruits such as raisins, to go unnoticed.

Company Montadito has included among its few and carefully selected products “Melichrysos”, honey, but also Melichrysos Spread for the family and the hard worker and athlete, describing them as a fine product with a balanced sweetness, known for their antioxidant properties that help us to strengthen our immune system.

Montadito recommends that customers enjoy Melichrysos on a slice of warm bread, with yogurt or cereal, or even in a cup of tea, noting that they are gluten-free, as well as free of added sugar and coloring.

They also recommend “Melichrysos” products to those who prefer them for their particularly well-curated products because of the family from Lemnos, who pick the best thyme honey on the island during the summer months from selected areas.

Melichrysos products are the healthy Greek response to the modern society’s fast pace, stress and long working hours. . A response, that encapsulates knowledge and love inspired by the gold of Lemnos. Simply now they have to learn to speak English too!